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Cuvée Ray, a place where wine lovers from all walks of life can enjoy great music, contemporary dishes and small plates, and the best wine from around the globe.

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“Derived from the French, “Cuvée” is defined as a special blend of wine. I decided on the name Cuvée Ray to convey my desire for our Wine Bar & Restaurant to be known for its special blend of awesome wine, great music and inspired food.

I also wanted Cuvée Ray to be a relaxed place where we can share some of the greatest, most exciting wines from around the globe with as many people as possible. And that is exactly why we are offering over 170 wines by the glass!

At Cuvée Ray, you’ll discover wines that are both exceptional and accessible and a variety of shareable small plates and entrées to delight just about everyone.

Come see for yourself what a fantastic place Cuvée Ray is for food lovers, the casual wine lover and the discriminating aficionado.”


owner, Cuvée Ray

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