Vintunes® is a truly one of a kind (patent pending) wine tasting experience based on the notion that wine and music have a great deal in common and can be matched much like wine and food. The Vintunes experience is guaranteed to delight and entertain those who participate.

   Ray Kurz, the owner of Cuvée Ray Wine Bar and Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, developed the Vintunes wine tasting experience when he observed that wine and music had a lot in common:  Both music and wine have a certain structure, rhythm, texture, tonality, high notes and low notes, dissonance and consonance, tempo, major and minor notes and chords, etc. One need only read a handful of wine reviews before coming across wine descriptors that are references to music such as “harmonious”, “symphony of flavors”, “high notes”, etc. This connection between wine and music is inescapable and lends itself to one of the most unique, entertaining, educational and fun wine tasting experiences possible. Here is how a Vintunes wine tasting works.

     During the Vintunes wine tasting experience, participants will taste five wonderful wines and listen to five songs that have been pre-selected to match the wines. After tasting the five wines and listening to the five songs, each participant will vote on which wines go with which songs and we tally the results. We then see what the consensus wine and song matches are. There are no individual winners and losers, as the consensus prevails! Just a great time for all.